Whether you are looking for an education to become a professional make up  artist or hairstylist for spectacles or you desire a change of career, the different courses we offer will surely suit your project.




Our courses will give you a detailed image of the different make-up subjects *.



The price includes a bag with all the products you will require.


The specific products we use during the Special Effects, Theater and Body/face painting courses will be at your disposal.



The courses for make-up are held from Monday till Friday:


Monday :

12h/14h : Demonstration with its technique

14h/18h : Practice


Tuesday till Friday :

10h/12h : Demonstration with its technique

13h/17h : Practice




*You will find our detailed program in our brochure

Beauty make-up only -120 hours of make-up studies.

This course is created for students who like to work for a make up and beauty society. Or , it may be a stepping stone to a longer course in order to become a professional make-up artist.

A before /after picture will be created and photographed by a professional photographer.



1 800€ ttc including products


Basic - 300 hours of make-up studies.

In this course you will study all the basics of the different groups of make-up.

You will recover the make-up bases for photo, TV, films(HD) , special effects , theater and body/face painting.

This course includes one shooting with a profesionnal photographer.



4 000 € ttc including products


Intensive  - 600 hours of make-up studies.

This course will give you the possibility to improve on the basic training you obtained.

Also you will start with the different "stage"-training periods-we offer in the different make-up fields.

Two photo shoots will be offered with a professional photographer.



6 000 € ttc including products


Specialist - 900 hours of studies.

The last trimester will give you the perfection you will need to enter the professional world with confidence.

Your training periods you obtained during the last three months in a variety of fields, will give you the experience to start your make-up career. It also gives you the opportunity to obtain precious contacts.

This course includes three photo shoots with a professionnal photographer.




7 500 € ttc including products



 Hairstyling for Spectacles


Hairdressers, make-up artists or beginners, the Hairstyling for Spectacles training will be an addition to your know how and will open new horizons.


The course will offer you all the different types of hairstyles.


Of course it encompasses films, fashions, tv and showbusiness. 


You will study hairstyles of yesterday which enables you to create a new hairstyle for tomorrow.



You will work on malleable heads with natural hair and with wigs .



All the ustensils you may need are at your disposal.



Hairstyling for Spectacles course - 180 hours of study.

The hairstyling is a three months course of 180 hours.

You will study 5 days a week, for 3 hours per day.


The teacher shows everyday  a new hairstyle which the students copy on their malleable heads.

The teacher who also works on different areas of hairstyling will be present to explain and guide you.

They will push the students towards creations of hairstyles with accessories...


At the end of the training, the student will have to prepare a hairstyle on a "life" model for three photo shoots which will be guided by each of the three principal teachers.( detailed program in our brochure)




4 500 € ttc

Price for students in Make-up:

3 150 € ttc means - 30%


Groups and "Master Classes"


We offer master classes for make -up and haisrtyling for spectacles to professionnals who like to broaden their knowledge. Also demands for precise courses in hairstyling and or make-up can be tailer made for your groups ( at least 8 students ) at any level.