A fascinating job, you will move in different circles of the world of spectacles, the media and other events





Jean-Pierre Fleurimon professionnal make up artist created also a professional make up and beauty line from conception to production. 

In the 1960's , Jean-Pierre Fleurimon starts to give beauty make up courses to beauticians. In 1985 , with Jan Bos, he created a year long course covering all the facets of professionnal make ups.


Today, his educational crew continue to teach his technique with the same passion.


A school with a human atmosphere in a pleasant setting...

  In a townhouse of the " Belle Epoque" close to Trocadero, the classrooms are adapted to the work of our make up and hairstylists students.  

A team composed of professionnals in their different trades.

Our educational team is composed of teachers who have been accepted by the National Education. They teach the art and their technique to become a qualified make up artist or hairstylist for spectacles.

Everyone who is motivated 

and passionated


with or without a diploma is welcome.


Our Trump cards


A bag with make up products is included in the price of the course.

The utensils for the haisrtyling for spectacles will be at your disposal.

An agreable environment and adapted classrooms

No previous experience required.

Training periods to obtain experience.


Our Make Up courses are translated into English


Courses adapted to everyone


Profesionnal Make up


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Hairstyling for Spectacles



Groups and "Master Class"


We welcome French and Foreign groups for special formations adapted to their needs from half a day to a month.

Our educational team will have an answer to your demands.






Many training periods


will be offered and will enable you to have your first experiences in the professionnal make up environnement. More opportunities for the French speaking students.